Nonton Vacancy (2007) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Download

By indoxx1 cinema on Desember 28, 2018 at 4:30 pm

Nonton Vacancy (2007) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Download CinemaIndo Box Office Series Terbaru

Director: Actors: , , Country: Genres: , , Duration: 85 Menit iMDB: 6.2 Year: Quality:

When David (Luke Wilson) and Amy’s (Kate Beckinsale) car breaks down, they have little choice but to spend the night at a remote hotel. The couple entertain themselves by watching low-budget slasher movies on TV — until they realize that the horrifying images they see were recorded in the room in which they are staying. With hidden cameras capturing their every move, David and Amy must find a way out before they become the latest stars in another film in the series of snuff films.