Nonton Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Download

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Nonton Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Download CinemaIndo Box Office Series Terbaru

Director: Actors: , , Country: Genres: Duration: 122 Menit iMDB: 9.1 Year: Quality:

Rangasamy (Antony) is a daily wage laborer who makes a living by carrying cardamom sacks from the mountains to the foothills in the interior of Tamil Nadu. Chacko, a communist from Kerala, unionizes these workers and prevents the estate owner from exploiting them. As a result, there are frequent clashes between the landlord and union members.

Rengasamy wants to buy a piece of land from a local. However, due to objections from the seller’s family, he and his mother did not get the land. Rengasamy gets married to his cousin Eshwari (Gayathri Krishna), who is also one of the workers in the estate. Rengasamy joins the same union as Eshwari. Rengasamy’s second attempt to buy a plot of land ends in tragedy–this time due to an unexpected event–and he loses most of the money he had saved. He then acquires land as a loan and starts farming in order to pay back the debt over time.